Add an author / LP Instructor

To add an LP instructor and their bio follow the steps below.

Navigate to WordPress Dashboard

On the left side menu near the bottom hover over “Users” then select “Add new”

In the form enter the following.

Username [Surname]

First name [Title firstname] for example Professor Melinda

Last name [Surname]

Nickname [Surname]

Display name publicly as [Select the full name] For example Professor Melinda A. Beck

Contact info

Email [] note use NOT their actual email address. We create them as a user but they don’t need to access the platform.

Website leave blank 

Leave the password as they suggest.

Select the role “LP Instructor”

Click on “Add New User”

Now select this new user from the list of users to add additional information. Hint, you may have to search for their name in the search field.

In the form that opens

Job leave blank

Biographical info [insert the bio here]

Leave the rest as it is


User Roles check that “LP Instructor” is selected

Click “Update User”

The instructor should now be available in the drop down list of instructors in the course edit screen

Need additional help? create a ticket via or email